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"Country Calendar" - June Block

Calendario Country"
Cuadro de Junio

Hi again, it was a while since my last post, but I'm back. And today I want to share with you my June block of the country calendar, that my friends and I are doing month by month.
Hola de nuevo, ya pasó un tiempito desde mi última entrada, pero estoy de regreso y hoy quiero compartirles el block de Junio del calendario country que mis amigas y yo estamos haciendo mes con mes.

Patterns by:
Patrones por:

Well done job¡¡¡
! Buen Trabajo ¡

My sister Yulia loved the Annie doll I made for her birthday, and that makes me  really happy. She told that she was going to take little Annie to her work next day to show her to her friends. That's wonderful.
! Buen trabajo ¡
A mi hermana Yulia le encantó la muñeca Annie que le hice para su cumpleaños, lo que me hizo muy feliz. Me dijo que al dia siguiente hiba a llevar a la pequeña Annie a su trabajo para mostrarsela a sus amigas. Eso es maravilloso.

Happy Birthday Yuly ¡¡¡
! Feliz Cumpleaños Yuly ¡

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  1. Awww !Bien hecho! :D

    Y sus grillos de junio son lindos.

  2. Hey, Alicia - would you like to add this post to my Monday block of the month linkup?

    I don't know if you have used that feature yet - at the bottom of my post is a blue button that says "Add Your Link" That will let you link up the URL for your post (since I'm here, I'll paste it for you:

    Then it lets you pick a picture to use for a thumbnail. I love these linkup "parties".


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